confessions of a pln dropout (or at least for the summer)

I admit it. I completely checked out for the summer. Dropped off the map, disappeared from radar. I was an uninvolved and unresponsive PLN “member”. Forgive me. I hope you can.

But seriously, I have to tell you, it was fabulous! Don’t let anyone tell you teaching is a nine month gig. It’s not. If you teach, you know it’s not. But this summer I sure did my darnedest to take a couple of months and forget a little bit what consumes me for most of the year.

ImageAs I sat at the beach with my kids, worked on yard projects, ran, biked, and camped in Yellowstone with the family, I’d occasionally think about my PLN and wonder what great discussions I was missing. I even felt something near guilt that my selfish actions would directly hurt the learning of future students. Oh, the turmoil! Oh, the wringing of hands! Alas, I resisted.

And you know what? I truly think I am better because of it. I feel ready for the beginning of a great year. Refreshed and revitalized, I started working a bit in my classroom this week and it’s beginning to take shape. Some students have stopped by with smiley faces and enthusiasm, eager to begin. I think my summer “checkout” worked just fine. Not sure I missed a thing.

Dear PLN, I hope you will take me back. I love learning with you. You have been invaluable to me in the past and hope to grow with you in the future. But since we are being honest here, and I hope you don’t mind, I think I will be unavailable June and July of 2013.


About Eric G Carlson

A husband, father, and educator.
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