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Continuing Education is a part of most professions. Accountants, lawyers, educators, and even realtors, need to spend x hours keeping up with latest laws and trends relevant to their profession in order to maintain their licensure. This past week I began a cohort with other local teachers to work toward a Teaching and Technology certification through Hamline University. It sounds perhaps more impressive than it is, but in the end, I will hopefully have learned something that will improve me as an educator and a person. Not only that, I will have most of my continuing ed hours taken care of for the next licensing cycle, which can’t be all bad.

The cohort started with a class titled Collaboration and Community with a Global Perspective. One of our first assignments asked us to watch Dean Shareski’s video Sharing: The Moral Imperative. The video discussed the obligation as educators to share ideas and information with one another through the various technological networking channels. In the video, Shareski talks about blogging as one way to share, collaborate, and interact with a greater community.

In December, I created this blog, yet have neglected to make any “improvements” through the use of blogging personally. I don’t think I quite know how this works, which is why I have put it off. Floundering a bit, really. What I do know is as teachers we grow when we reflect. The beauty, and perhaps most terrifying thing about a blog is that those reflections can be open conversations in which a greater community can participate. No longer simply a self-reflection, they can be far more dynamic, organic. Powerful. Shareski’s video reminded me why I originally wanted to blog. Here’s hoping it sticks.

Continue your education with me. Join in the reflections. I hope to share my learning, air my thoughts teaching, and hopefully, encourage some interaction or collaboration with other educators, like myself, striving to improve.


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2 Responses to continuing ed

  1. Terry F Erickson says:

    Thanks for the post. I think as teachers we are always on a journey. I have been teaching for 20 years and I feel like I know close to nothing. Technology is my latest interest to keep the blood flowing in the brain. Best wishes for your journey!

    • ericgcarlson says:

      Thanks, Terry. This is my 17th year and feel like I take one step forward and three back each and every day. Technology is exciting and frustrating at the same time. I am continually discovering how little I know, but encouraged that others feel as I do. The online community is a powerful one. Certainly keeps me in the game.

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