everyone has one…

It appears everyone has one. Blogs. I remember saying to my wife, not terribly long ago, that blogs were for folks with narcissistic tendencies. But then, when I started spending more and more time with Twitter, I noticed everyone that I was learning from also seemed to have their own blog. This prompted me to begin reading a few and my short-sighted opinion shifted. I started to think that perhaps not EVERYONE that blogged was self-important, rather maybe they just had something to say. Not surprisingly, I even found that some had very good things to say. So instead of being critical, I began to see the possibilities.

It reminded me of when I started using Twitter. I didn’t get it. I started out, like many others I would guess, really struggling to find the purpose. It took some time, but I found that when our Back-to-School guest speaker, Todd Whitaker, gave examples of how he was learning from tweeting it changed the way I approached my use of Twitter. Free professional development! What an idea! Twitter has enabled me to connect with educators around the globe, bring authors into my classroom, and learn things that I would never have been able to before. It is simply amazing! Now I am a Twitter pusher. I try to convert colleagues daily.

So here I am, wondering what a blog may do to open new doors of learning for me. I am coming to the blog-o-sphere as a learner and an educator that wants make improvements professionally and personally. I always tell my students that in order to be a good reader they must read, in order to be a writer, they must write. In order to – – you get the idea. In short, I am looking to improve myself.


About Eric G Carlson

A husband, father, and educator.
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